A society that devalues human life by participating and pardoning human trafficking is a society that values power, money and the lusts of the flesh over human decency, freedom and the sanctity of life.  When a society becomes apathetic and immune to the suffering of others then groups of people are devalued, despised, objectified and exploited to greater degrees of depravity which breakdowns families and communities.  The result is a vulnerable, unhealthy and traumatized society.

Survivors of human trafficking must battle on-going effects of both physical and psychological trauma.  Many deal with PTSD, depression, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, thoughts of suicide, on top of the physical trauma their bodies face from ongoing abuse, starvation, STD’s and other gynecologic health problems. The healing journey is long, deep and painful for trafficking survivors and can at times feel hopeless. However, we believe God is able to do the impossible. 

A primary wound for survivors of exploitation and trafficking is abandonment and rejection. Although, they have endured horrors and repeated trauma that is difficult to even imagine, all of the ones we have worked with share that their deepest pain is separation from family, rejection from loved ones and emotional and physical abuse at the hands of family members.