Trafficking in Thailand is complex with many push-and-pull factors and many different faces. There is no description that is comprehensive enough because Thailand is considered a source (Thais trafficked to other nations around the globe), transit (other nationalities trafficked through Thailand), and destination point (other nationalities trafficked to Thailand) for human trafficking. Many factors contribute to the exploitation of nationals, migrants, ethnic minorities, stateless, males and females. Forced labor survivors are found in the fishing, construction, agriculture, domestic servitude, and manufacturing industries, while there are many men, women, boys, and girls involved in commercial sexual exploitation in entertainment areas, brothels and over the internet.

Major Contributing Factors in Thailand:

  • Lack of Citizenship

  • Poverty (Thailand’s relative prosperity compared to neighboring nations)

  • Lust for Money and Power

  • Cultural and Religious Mindsets

  • Internal and International Migration

  • Broken Families

  • Weak Borders

  • Pressure to Provide for Families

  • Spiritual Depravity