our programs: aftercare and community restoration

We restore the exploited and abused by providing holistic aftercare and restoration programs both “in-house” and within the community. We address each survivor’s unique holistic needs by working alongside families to advocate for healing from trauma, and by equipping him or her for life within the larger society.

Our programs incorporate love, provision, counseling, discipleship, empowerment, life skill development and education for both survivors and their family members. We take a phased approach to walking with those in need of healing, moving survivors through clearly defined benchmarks. Each phase defines focus for goals and measurables so that we can monitor progress toward healthy functioning and reintegration.

We currently have a growing community restoration track, and one safe house that serves as an aftercare facility for male survivors led by a national mom and dad.

Walking with survivors of abuse and exploitation is a true journey with breakthroughs and setbacks. One of the critical components in this journey is being a source of hope—never giving up on them even when they give up on themselves, pointing them to Jesus as their healer, reminding them of their growth, demonstrating long-suffering love and leading them into truth that they are often blinded to. It is a beautiful, messy journey that is truly dependent on the abundant grace of Jesus!
— Jen Ames, Counselor

a restoration story

I was 14 years old when I came to live at Ezekiel Rain. I had been abused and exploited since I was 9 years old, living in multiple temples, children’s homes and massage parlors. When I arrived I had many health, emotional, spiritual, sexual and relational struggles. I was afraid to receive or give love; I couldn’t trust anyone, even the people who were helping me.

My healing journey has been a process of understanding myself better. I used to think that I will always be a victim. Now I understand that I have value, much more than the bad things that have been done to me.

During the time when I was being abused I felt angry, worthless, hopeless, anxious and disgusted with myself. At times, those same feelings come back. Sometimes I have flashbacks and nightmares that make me feel like I’m back in that place being abused or abusing again. The feelings are real, the same as I felt then. During the healing process I’ve started to feel that I have value, I’m a child of God, worthy of love, one who has been rescued and brought into safety.

At first it was hard to picture God, but then I learned to see God with me all the time and to see the way he heals my heart. It gave me peace; a different feeling than just changing my own thoughts and trying to be strong or healing myself but knowing my value and the value of life and freedom.

My Ezekiel Rain family has spoken kind words to me in a gentle and accepting way. They have shown me what healthy relationships are like and have walked with me for the last 3 years as I have healed more and more.  

-- a male trafficking survivor in our aftercare restoration program


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