September Prayer Points

1.  New Staff and Missionaries - Pray for breakthrough for nationals and missionaries to join us in the work here.   

2.  Joy - Pray that we will be strengthened with the joy of the Lord.  And that we will have all-consuming love for Jesus and steady hearts to pursue, love and serve others.

3.  Open Doors - Pray as we go out weekly to build relationships and share Jesus with girls and women who are selling their bodies in bars and clubs.   

4.  Further breakthrough for the boys - Pray for greater healing, freedom and growth in all areas of their lives. 

5. Border Monitoring Project - Pray for wisdom, contacts, staff and favor as we week to partner with others in intervention work along the Thai borders. 

6.  Families - Pray for the healing and restoration of families in Thailand.  Pray for fathers and mothers to abound in love for each other and their children.

7.  Boys - Pray for boys that are in desperate situations on the streets and in exploitative situations.  Pray for new boys to join our family.

8.  Revelation of the Father's Heart - Pray for Thais to encounter the strong love of God and understand His Father's heart towards them

How to Pray With us

• For revival to come to Thailand and for believers to receive revelation of the Father’s heart.

• For a fiery prayer movement to arise in this nation and that Jesus would receive His inheritance here.

• For the deliverance, salvation and restoration of those in captivity.

• For Christian fathers and mothers to step forward to take in those delivered from exploitation.

• For laborers and strategies from Heaven as we carry out this ministry.

• For financial provision for land acquisition, building development and other projects.