Restoration Strokes

The last several weeks have truly been miraculous.  The attachments that have formed, the trust that has grown, the understanding that has taken place, the hope that has sprung up, the behaviors that have changed, the love that has strengthened and the breakthrough that has occurred is a direct result of intercession, God's work and the love of a father and mother.

The restoration of these boys is both beautiful and hard.  Awe-inspiring and gut-wrenching.  Watching God awaken their dead eyes and broken hearts with His love and mercy compels you to rejoice.  Hearing them share pieces of their stories, makes you want to gather them up in your arms and never let them go. Worshiping in the prayer room with them and listening as they belt out the song, "God, you are Good!" at the top of their lungs, leaves you speechless.  Seeing them, run around and play childhood games, causes you to laugh with joy.  Understanding their wounds, initiates tears that never dry and interceding for justice and healing for them, leaves you utterly spent.  There is progress and challenges.  There is healing at one level that causes pain at the next.  There is love received and love rejected.  There is truth and there are lies.  Daily there is a battle taking place, a journey being walked, ground being taken, lives being changed.  All of our lives, not just the boys.  "But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."  1 Corinthians 15:57  


"Everything has changed for me since working with Ezekiel Rain.  I have learned so much and my life is so new.  I now know the Father's Heart like I didn't understand before.  I have patience and I know how to be a good leader.  I know God more and want to know Him more." – House Dad

"I know that my new parents love me because... they tell me, they help me work through my emotions, they take care of me, they give me food and do fun things with me, they take me to the waterfall, they help me change, they teach me about God.  We are a real family.  I have a new family now." – Compilation of statements from boys in the home


Derek's House

Daily we support, strengthen and train our houseparents as they minister to the boys.  The issues they face vary and provide unique challenges to love and unlock the boy's hearts.  Each day, the family eats, plays, works, studies, worships, counsels, talks, exercises and does life together.  The boys are given many opportunities to learn, explore new things, process their past and emotions, dream about the future and develop their unique skills and giftings.  We continue to train the houseparents and support staff weekly on attachment, trauma and wounding, effective discipline, shame, inner healing and parenting tools.  As we support them through the challenges and the celebrations, we laugh, cry, pray and learn together.  It’s beautiful!


Another Restoration Snapshot

Four months ago, he had never played the piano and now he has memorized countless songs, is learning how to play three instruments and is leading songs in worship.  Music is his safe place.  Music allows him to process his emotions and express himself.  Music provides the vehicle for him to experiences the love of God.  In this clip, he is singing a song that says, "Our hearts have felt your love, love that always holds fast forever.  Love that washes away our tears because we have felt the love of the Father."  Thank you, Jesus!