Resilient Families Project: Fighting Exploitation by Strengthening Families

We believe that both brokenness and wholeness stem from a family’s health. In our Resilient Families project, we are working to see redemption and restoration come to families in Thailand. 

“We have found that attachment enables restoration because trust forms the foundation on which one learns to give and receive love,” says Ter, our Resilient Families manager. “And this happens in healthy families.”  

We pray that God will “turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers” (Malachi 4:6). From the very beginning, God purposely designed the family (Genesis 2). It is through this vehicle that we learn to love and trust; and it is our mission to encourage mothers and fathers in Thailand to love their families in word and action. 

Our hope is to see many strong, transformed families arise to bring in the hurting, exploited and oppressed, and become havens of healing.

Resilient Families is an 18-month intensive mentorship, holistic wellness, small-scale entrepreneurship and training program that strengthens vulnerable families to thrive and remain intact.  The program works with families in five areas:

  • overall functioning of family members’ in roles and relationships,

  • health (physical, mental and emotional),

  • education,

  • occupation/livelihood (including personal financial management and debt reduction)

  • and spiritual growth.

The learning is accomplished through monthly trainings and activities that provide education, build unity and strengthen morale within families. The program facilitates personal application of learning through regular home visits and homework assignments.

We consider financial support on an individual basis to support health, education and livelihood development in order that families remain physically intact.  Each family is assigned a case manager who closely monitors the families’ needs and overall health while continually assessing the growth and opportunities for greater impact in each family unit.

After a family completes the program, we continue walking with them for another year to ensure continual growth and encourage the family to become strong catalysts in their own communities.

We are seeing transformation and restoration become reality for families in our program. A young girl in Resilient Families shared, “Since we started the Resilient Families Project, my parents stopped fighting and I am happy now.”

A mother shared with us the increase of connection the project has brought to her family. “Before the program, we were not connected at all,” she said. “Since we started six months ago, we are now united as one family.”  

We love to see when fathers choose to become more engaged with their families as a result of the project. “I have learned that family is the most important thing,” said one father in the program. “Before I was always with my friends, who were not a good influence. But now, I choose my family over them and their influences.”

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