7 Ways to Strengthen Your Family


Sometimes simple habits and choices make a big difference.  The families in our Resilient Families project have shared that the following things have made the biggest difference in their family’s growth and mutual satisfaction.

  1. Eat meals together. This means not just physically being in the same place, but engaging with each other over a meal.

  2. Have fun together. Connect through play and laughter.  Many families felt that fun was a luxury of those with money and didn’t realize that one doesn’t need any money to play together.

  3. Show gratitude to one another. Say thank you for a meal prepared, acknowledge a child’s help with chores, compliment one another’s appearance, or write notes of appreciation.

  4. Learn each other’s love languages. Understand how each member of the family both gives and receives love, and then intentionally express love accordingly.

  5. Work on projects together. From solving jigsaw puzzles to sharing enterprise ideas, saving money and helping with school work, come together with a goal and work together to accomplish it.

  6. Create a vision to help others. A strong family has the opportunity to impact others who are struggling. Realizing this vision gives purpose, energy, and greater commitment to strengthening your family.

  7. Understand that each child is a gift from God. When you don’t just know this but you believe it, and you can allow the truth to drive your behavior.

Try putting some of these into practice today.  It takes intentionality, vision and commitment. Family health doesn’t happen overnight, but because strong families produce resilient individuals and bring healing to many others, it is worth the effort! The impact will be life changing!