Our New Aftercare Focus: Community Restoration


In 2019, Ezekiel Rain remains completely committed to the restoration of trafficking survivors. However, the face of our aftercare program has changed, and we are excited about the fruit and expanding opportunities we are experiencing. 

Over the last year, Ezekiel Rain has pivoted from a full-time aftercare model of restoration to a community restoration model. 

We have seen over time the gaps in the way most restoration approaches seek to take a survivor out of society to keep them safe and get them “well” and then put them back “in” to society. The reintegration process often fails, and although there is much work done with the survivor, very little attention is given to strengthening the communities and families who surround the survivors. 

Because of this gap, when the survivors re-engage there are few who understand them, comprehend the trauma healing process, or know how to support them through the continued restoration journey. Over the years, we have seen that God has uniquely prepared and positioned us with the vision and tools to empower healing communities and fill these gaps while deepening collaboration with other organizations that bring different strengths to the healing journey.

After much prayer, research and many conversations, we have chosen to transition our holistic aftercare program and are continuing our restoration work by investing in our community restoration and reintegration programs. All of the boys who have lived in our aftercare home in the past have transitioned, and we continue to journey with them to support their reintegration and independent living every week. 

We will continue to walk with survivors and take on new cases by supporting them within their community and families of origin to see healing and wholeness come to the entire community – through business opportunities, mentorships, tools, curriculum, empowerment and collaboration with other NGOs, government bodies, churches and local leaders. 

For those few survivors who need to be in a secure facility and not remain with their families and communities, we will refer them to organizations that we have vetted and respect.