In May of 2018, we were approached by another NGO in the area wondering if we might want to rent a portion of their property.  After many years of looking for a property where we could house all of our team and projects out of one location, we were overjoyed with the prospect. 

As we began to explore the possibilities, the other NGO offered us the opportunity to buy the property instead. At the end of May 2019, we officially purchased it!

We are so thankful for this beautiful campus in town, close to a university, and yet surrounded by trees in a peaceful setting.  Now all of our offices, training rooms, prayer room, counseling center, emergency housing, staff childcare and guest housing are in one location. 

The property was built years ago as a hospice for HIV patients and housing for their families. Today, we continue to pursue a dream of healing and wholeness in this location for trauma and trafficking survivors, families, and leaders.  

Every time I come on to the property, I feel so relaxed and safe.
— College student in our RENEW project


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