prevention projects

Before the program, we were not connected at all. Since we started six months ago, we are now united as one family.
— Mother in our Resilient Families Project

Prevention Education

We raise awareness about the different faces of trafficking and exploitation, and use school, youth and community seminars to train on:

  • human rights

  • healthy sexuality

  • the dangers of pornography and its link to trafficking

  • child protection

  • safe employment

  • online exploitation

Our prevention education is focused on equipping leaders and catalysts with a message that is transferable and addresses both the supply and demand drivers of human trafficking.


Resilient Families

Our Resilient Families Project equips at-risk families to thrive and remain together through an 18-month intensive mentorship, holistic wellness, economic freedom (small-scale entrepreneurship) and training program.

We believe that both brokenness and wholeness stem from a family’s health, so we are working to bring redemption and restoration to families in Thailand.



Our new stepped prevention training and mentorship program for high school and college students addresses the roots of trafficking in a cohesive, experiential and applicable curriculum.

This program explores the values that drive behavior in order to empower young people to stand against trafficking by valuing their own lives and the lives of others.

It is important for youth to know they are powerful to make good choices and that they have the ability to break cycles of poverty, trauma, abuse, addiction and brokenness. It is not enough for them to just say no to trafficking. They must understand their beliefs and how those beliefs affect their choices and the people around them in order to protect themselves and advocate for change in their generation.
— Ice, Roots Manager


At first it was hard to picture God, but then I learned to see God with me all the time and to see the way he heals my heart. It gave me peace; a different feeling than just changing my own thoughts and trying to be strong or healing myself but knowing my value and the value of life and freedom.
— Trafficking Survivor in our Reconnect Project

In all of our holistic care programs, we address survivors’ unique needs by working alongside families to advocate for healing from trauma and by equipping survivors for life within the larger society. Our programs incorporate love, provision, counseling, discipleship, empowerment, life skill development and education for both survivors and their family members.

We take a phased approach to walking with those in need of healing, moving survivors through clearly defined benchmarks toward healthy functioning and reintegration.



In our reintegration program, we empower trafficking survivors through counseling, case management support, life skills training, occupational support, and scholarships.

This stage is pivotal as survivors transition into society; going to school, beginning a career, learning to live safely and growing in relationships as part of a community after coming out of exploitative situations or time at aftercare facilities.



After six years of serving male trafficking survivors in our aftercare restoration home, we have transitioned to a community restoration model. We walk with survivors and support them within their community and families of origin to see healing and wholeness come to the whole community. 

We holistically restore survivors of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and exploitation through counseling, case management support, therapy, training, life skills, and advocacy. We equip those in their circle of support—caregivers, teachers, pastors, employers, and community workers—with the trauma healing tools they need to support the survivors and in turn bring healing to others.



Within our larger restoration program, we offer counseling and mentorships for trauma survivors (not just trafficking) in order to support their resiliency and facilitate healing and on-going health. In addition, we offer training and develop resources for community leaders; heightening the awareness and equipping those in positions of influence with a trauma-informed toolkit and lay counseling skills.



Knowing that marriages are the cornerstone of families and families are the foundation for society, we run a year-long marriage enrichment program with a cohort of couples, equipping them with the foundations of healthy marriages through training, accountability, experiential activities, a learning community and resources.

Walking with survivors of abuse and exploitation is a true journey with breakthroughs and setbacks. One of the critical components in this journey is being a source of hope—never giving up on them even when they give up on themselves, pointing them to Jesus as their healer, reminding them of their growth, demonstrating long-suffering love and leading them into truth that they are often blinded to. It is a beautiful, messy journey that is truly dependent on the abundant grace of Jesus!
— Jen Ames, Counselor


We are God’s warriors, joining with Him in the spiritual battle against injustice. Really, God already has the victory, we are partnering with Him, and it’s His power that is changing us and the world through our prayers.
— Nitaya, HR Manager

Up & Out

Since trafficking is a spiritual issue, we address trafficking and its contributing factors strategically through prayer and worship. Collectively and individually, we exalt the God of Justice and partner with Him to see His justice come.

We are committed to prayer simply because we love Jesus. This vertical dialogue of prayer is how we connect with Him, are daily filled and renewed and express our love and devotion to Him. As we fight for the exploited and walk with the traumatized, prayer is also the safe place that sustains us, encourages us and propels us into the darkness with hope and expectation. 

Our team joins together for corporate worship and devotions three times a week, as well as spending personal time alone in prayer in our prayer room. 

We are committed to prayer, knowing it is one of God’s primary strategies for releasing justice in the earth (Luke 18). As we intercede in prayer, we partner with God’s heart and tap into His power that transforms hearts and brings justice to the nations. Our physical reach may be limited, but in prayer we have the ability to impact any and every situation. 

We intentionally pray for each of the programs, projects and cases within our organization and also serve as a prayer partner for many in the community. In addition, we strive to mobilize prayer in the community knowing that prayer brings revival, and revival brings justice. Each weekday morning, we open our prayer room to the community to unite with others in prayer for the issues surrounding human trafficking and injustice.

what prayer looks like at ezekiel rain