here’s how we break the cycle.


We have one aftercare house and a growing community restoration track. Through our in-house and community programs, we provide holistic aftercare and restoration.



Our 18-month program strengthens vulnerable families in five areas: functioning within family roles; physical, mental, and emotional health; education; occupation; and spiritual growth.



We develop leaders to be catalysts for change in their communities.


Prayer is the fuel and foundation for everything we do. This looks like daily prayer sets, community prayer gatherings, personal prayer room hours for every team member, and investment in the prayer movement in Northern Thailand. 

What do we do

  • Train

  • Empower

  • Equip

  • Counsel

  • Restore

  • Intercept

  • Disciple

  • Protect

  • Defend

  • Strengthen

  • Model

  • Pray

“Trafficking at its root is a spiritual issue and spiritual issues require spiritual solutions.”

We desire to see communities fueled by prayer arise in Thailand.  The Word of God says that if we cry out to Him day and night He will give us justice (making wrong things right) quickly (Luke 18:7-8).  So, we pray and worship Jesus, believing He will do all He has promised to the orphan, widow, marginalized and exploited and that His justice is perfect.

We believe that the restoration of Jesus enables a great exchange to take place where there was once brutality, there is now love and gentleness; where there was deprivation, there is now adequate provision; where there was hopelessness, hope is now provided at every interaction; where there was disorder and confusion, there is now discipline; where there was lack of dignity, there is now respect; where there was weakness and lack of voice, there is now strength; where there was shame, there is now peace; where there was control, there is now freedom; where there was hate, there is now love.


“Healing is a process that includes the mind, body, soul and spirit being set free.”

We want to see redemption and restoration come to families in Thailand.  We pray that God will “turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers” (Malachi 4:6). From the very beginning, God purposely designed the family (Genesis 2). It is through this vehicle that we learn to love and trust; and it is our mission to encourage mothers and fathers in Thailand to love their families in word and action.  Furthermore, we want many strong, transformed families arise to bring in the hurting, exploited and the oppressed and become havens of healing.

“We have found that attachment enables restoration because trust forms the foundation on which one learns to give and receive love.”

We believe that Anti-trafficking work is not just an NGO-thing.  We are empowering nationals to create healing communities where churches, families, businesses, schools, medical providers identify and connect with those in need. All sectors of society must understand trauma, its affects and have access to tools and resources that will promote safety, healing and wholeness.